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Flats Walker

Provoke Explosive Topwater Strikes

Watching a trophy fish eat a topwater will get your blood going. If you have not witnessed a tarpon, snook, or gator trout destroy a topwater then you haven't been throwing the Flats Walker. Sporting the perfect profile and an easy to "walk the dog" action get ready for some heart stopping moments. Just make sure you bring your heart medicine to make sure you get back to the ramp.

We guarantee the Flats Walker will be the best topwater you've ever fished.

Flats Swimmer

Paddletail that Flat Out Catches Fish

Everyone has their go to bait. This should be yours. You'll thank us later after swapping stories with your buddies at the dock. A workhorse on the flats we're still looking for the situation where the Flats Swimmer does not excel. From the expansive flats of the Lower Laguna Madre to the crystal clear water of the Florida Keys the Flats Swimmer; will be your go to bait for chasing redfish, snook, speckled trout, and tarpon.

Flats Darter

Ripping Fish on the Edges

Nothing sounds the dinner bell on the flats like a falling tide. Fish congregate in transition zones where the depth changes from shallow to deep. Points. Creek mouths. The edges of expansive flats. Nothing works better for getting a monster fish to eat in these transition zones than ripping the Flats Darterâ„¢ in front of 'em. With it's erratic, wide wobbling action and the thump from the single titanium ball in the rattle chamber expect to hear your drag screaming.

Flats Jerkbait

Proven Trophy Catching Action

Twitch, twitch, twitch, pause. Set the hook. Repeat. There is not a better option for sightfishing, skipping the mangroves, or working potholes on flats than the Flats JerkBait. This is truly a must have for your tackle arsenal. Be prepared to catch more trophies more often.

Handshake Guarantee

We are so confident that the Flats Walker, Flats Swimmer, Flats Jerkbait, and Flats Darter are going to help you catch more and bigger fish we GUARANTEE you will be satisfied. If for any reason you are not happy with the products simply return them within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund the purchase price of the product.